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July 2024

Recursive Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices

P. Singh, S. Singh, V. Singh

0 Algebra and its Novel Application in Edge Detection

G. E. Chatzarakis, S. Dickson, S. Padmasekaran, S. L. Panetsos, and J. Ravi

Maximal Singular Operators On Variable Exponent Sequence Spaces and Their Corresponding Ergodic Version

Sri Sakti Swarup Anupindi and Michael A. Alphonse

On the Integral Equations via Hartley Superconvolutions

Nguyen Minh Khoa

June 2024

A New Look at the Equations of the Calculus of Variations

Olivier de La Grandville

Using an Euler Type Transform for Accelerating Convergence of Series

N. Sh. Berisha, F. M. Berisha, M. Sadiku

A New Iterative Approximation of a Split Fixed Point Constraint Equilibrium Problem

M. A. Olona, A. Maharaj and O. K. Narain

Solving Strongly Nonlinear Fractional Fredholm Integral-Differential Equations in Caputo's Sense Using the SBA Method

G. Kabore, B. Abbo, O. So and B. Some


Lebesgue Absolutely Continuous Functions Taking Values on C[a,b]

Andrew Felix IV Suarez Cunanan

May 2024

(p,q)-Lucas Polynomial and Their Applications to a Certain Family of Bi-univalent Functions Defined by Wanas Operator

M Musthafa Ibrahim, Saleem Ahmed

Growth and Approximation of Entire Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equation in Terms of Bessel Polynomial Approximation Errors in Lp-norm, 1 ≤ p ≤ ∞

Devendra Kumar

Finite Volume Approximation of a Class of 2D Elliptic Equations with Discontinuous and Highly Oscillating Coefficients

J. D. Bambi Pemba and B. Ondami

April 2024

Some Nonlinear Gronwall-Bellman Type Retarded Integral Inequalities with Power and Their Applications

Ammar Boudeliou

March 2024

Mass Transportation Approach For Parabolic P-Biharmonic Equations

A. Soglo, K. W. Houedanou, J. Adetola

Generalized Triangular and Symmetric Splitting Method for Steady State Probability Vector of Stochastic Matrices

B. Harika, D. Rajaiah, L. P. RajKumar, Malla Reddy Perati

Commutator For Singular Operators On Variable Exponent Sequence Spaces And Their Corresponding Ergodic Version

A.M. Alphonse and S.S.S. Anupindi

March 2024

Optimal Conditions using Multi-valued G-Presic type Mapping

Deb Sarkar, Ramakant Bhardwaj, Vandana Rathore, and Pulak Konar

On the Oscillatory Behavior of Self Adjoint Fractional Extensible Beam Equations

S. Priyadharshini, G.E. Chatzarakis, S. L. Panetsos and V. Sadhasivam

February 2024

Eigenvalue Bounds based on Projections

P. Singh, S. Singh, V. Singh

On Automorphisms and Bi-derivations of Semiprime Rings

A. Z. Ansari, F. Shujat, A. Fallatah

Boundness of the Power Exponential Function a2b +b2a

Y. Nishizawa, Y. Yasuda

Inequalities Involving A Weights by Extrapolations

Chunping Xie

February 2024

Corrigendum for Differential Equations for Indicatrices, Spacelike and Timelike Curves

Sameer, Pradeep Kumar Pandey

December 2023

A General Fractional Control Scheme for Compound Combination Synchronization Between Different Fractional-Order Identical Chaotic Systems

S. Bensimessaoud and S. Kaouache

On Infinite Unions and Intersections of Sets in a Metric Space

Spiros Konstantogiannis

November 2023

Two Further Methods for Deriving Four Results Contiguous to Kummer's Second Theorem

I. Kim and J. Kim

Using Direct and Fixed Point Technique of Cubic Functional Equation and its Hyers-Ulam Stability

R. R. Kotti, R. K. Mudaliar, K. N. Devi, S. V. Narayan

The Automatic Continuity of N-Homomorphisms in Certain *-Banach Algebras

M. AboulekhlefY. Tidli

October 2023

Differential Equations for Indicatrices, Spacelike and Timelike Curves

Sameer, Pradeep Kumar Pandey

Jordan Canonical Form of Interval Matrices and Applications

S. Hema Surya, T. Nirmala and K. Ganesan

October 2023

Some Ostrowski Type Inequalities for Two Cos-Integral Transforms of Absolutely Continuous Functions

S. S. Dragomir and G. Sorrentino

Li-Yorke and Expansivity for Composition Operators on Lorentz Space

Rajat Singh and Romesh Kumar

On the Equiform Geometry of the Involute-evolute Curve Couple in Hyperbolic and de Sitter Spaces

M. Khalifa Saad, H. S. Abdel-Aziz and A. A. Abdel-Salam

August 2023

Geometrical Properties of Subclass of Analytic Function with Odd Degree

K. Sivagami Sundari and B. Srutha Keerthi

Constraint Qualifications for Multiobjective Programming Problems on Hadamard Manifolds

A. Ghosh, B.B. Upadhyay and I.M. Stancu-Minasian

Results on Bounds of the Spectrum of Positive Definite Matrices by Projections

P. Singh, S. Singh, V. Singh

June 2023

Some Notes on the Semi-open Subspaces of Topological Spaces

Nicky. K. Tumalun, Philotheus E. A. Tuerah, and Rolles N. S. Palilingan

Higher Order Accurate Compact Schemes for Time Dependent Linear and Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equations

S. Thomas, Gopika P.B. and S. K. Nadupuri

Approximately Dual p-Approximate Schauder Frames

K. Mahesh Krishna and P. Sam Johnson

May 2023

Semigroup of Linear Operator In Bicomplex Scalars

Stanzin Kunga, Amjad Ali and Aditi Sharma

Generalized Composition Operators On Besov Spaces

Vishal Sharma, Sanjay Kumar and Stanzin Dolkar

On Some Nonlinear Retarded Integrodifferential Inequalities in Two and n Independent Variables and their Applications

Bitat Dalila and Khellaf Hassane

April 2023

Complete Analysis of Global Behavior of Certain System of Piecewise Linear Difference Equations

A. Laoharenoo, R. Boonklurb and W. Rewlirdsirikul

Topological Aspects of Discrete Switch Dynamical Systems

Faiz Imam and Sharan Gopal

Linear System of Singularly Perturbed Initial Value Problems with Robin Initial Conditions

S. Dinesh, G. E. Chatzarakis, S. L. Panetsos and S. Sivamani

Coefficient Bounds for Sakaguchi Kind of Functions Associated with Sine Function

Serap Bulut, H. Priya and B. Srutha Keerthi

Numerical Study of a Mathematical Model of a Free-Surface Potential Flow

H. Serguine, F. Guechi and A. Gasmi

March 2023

A Unifying View of Some Banach Algebras

R. Kantrowitz

Metric Functionals for the Hästö Metric

G. Bettencourt and S. Mendes


On the Class of Totally Polynomially Posinormal Operators

E. Shine Lal, T. Prasad, P. Ramya

Fractional Integral Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard Type for P-convex and Quasi-Convex Stochastic Process

Oualid Rholam, Mohammed Barmaki and Driss Gretet

A Determinantal Representation of Core EP Inverse

Divya Shenoy Purushothama

February 2023

A Self Adaptive Method for Solving Split Bilevel Variational Inequalities Problem in Hilbert Spaces

F. Akutsah, O. K. Narain, F. A. Kasali, O. K. Oyewole and A. A. Mebawondu

High Order Collocation Method for the Generalized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation

Z. Mkhize, N. Parumasur and P. Singh

Lozi Maps With Max Function and its Application

A. Menasri

January 2023

On the Oldest Problem in the Calculus of Variations: A New Message from Queen Dido

Olivier de La Grandville

Some Moduli and Inequalities Related to Birkhoff Orthogonality in Banach Spaces

Dandan Du and Yongjin Li

Bicomplex Univalent Functions

Mohd Arif, Amjad Ali, Rajat Singh and Romesh Kumar

December 2022

SQIRV Model for Omicron Variant with Time Delay

S. Dickson, S. Padmasekaran, G. E. Chatzarakis and S. L. Panetsos

New Refinements for Integral and Sum Forms of Generalized Hölder Inequality For N Term

M. Jakfar, Manuharawati, D. Savitri

Walrasian Equilibrium for Set-valued Mapping

M. Muslikh, R.B.E Wibowo, S. Fitri

November 2022

On Statistically Φ-Convergence


Fekete Szegö problem on the Class of Bazilevič functions B1(α) related to the Lemniscate Bernoulli

N. M. Asih, Marjono, Sa'adatul Fitri, Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo

November 2022

Uniqueness Problems for Difference Polynomials Sharing a Non-Zero Polynomial of Certain Degree With Finite Weight

V. Priyanka, S. Rajeshwari and V. Husna

Bounds for the Extremal Eigenvalues of Positive Definite Matrices

S. Singh and P. Singh

October 2022

Estimation for Bounded Solutions of Some Nonlinear Integral Inequalities with Delay in Several Variables

Smakdji Mohamed Elhadi, Denche Mouhamed and Khellaf Hassane

Additive Mappings on Semiprime Rings Functioning as Centralizers

A. Z. Ansari and F. Shujat

October 2022

Application of Chebyshev Polynomials to Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations

A. Lakhal, M. Nadir and M. N. Nadir

Two Geometric Constants Related to Isosceles Orthogonality on Banach Space

H. Xie, Q. Liu and Y. Li

September 2022

Toeplitz Determinant for Sakaguchi Type Functions Under Petal Shaped Domain

B. Nandhini and B. Srutha Keerthi

Introducing the Picard-S3 Iteration for Fixed Points

P. Singh, V. Singh and S. Singh

D-Iterative Method for Solving a Delay Differential Equation and a Two-Point Second-Order Boundary Value Problems in Banach Spaces

F. Akutsah, A. A. Mebawondu, P. Pillay, O. Babasola and O. K. Narain

Preserver of Local Spectrum of Skew-product Operators

R. Parvinianzadeh, M. Asadipour and J. Pazhman

August 2022

A Fuzzy Soft Quotient Topology and Its Properties

Haripamyu, Riri Alfakhriati, Monika Rianti Helmi, Jenizon

Simple Integral Representations for the Fibonacci and Lucas

S. M. Stewart

Fekete-Szegö Inequality for Sakaguchi Type of functions in Petal Shaped Domain

E. K. Nithiyanandham and B. Srutha Keerthi

June 2022


Reverse Hölder and Minkowski type integral inequalities for n functions

Panagiotis T. Krasopoulos and Lazhar Bougoffa

Conservativeness Criteria of Girsanov Transformation for Non-Symmetric Jump-diffusion

Mila Kurniawaty

A Caratheodory's Approximate Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations Under the Hölder Condition

Bo-Kyeong Kim and Young-Ho Kim

Corrigendum for Multistage Analytical Approximate Solution of Quasi-Linear Differential- Algebraic System of Index Two

I. M. Albak, F. A. Abdullah and Z. Zainuddin

May 2022

Several New Closed-form Evaluations of the Generalized Hypergeometric Function with Argument 1/16

B. R. Srivatsa Kumar, Insuk Kim and Arjun K. Rathie

The Boundedness of Gradient Solutions of P-Laplacian Type

Corina Karim, Khoirunisa, Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo

April 2022

Three Inequalities Associated with Rado Inequality

Rin Miyao, Yusuke Nishizawa, Keigo Takamura

March 2022

Timelike Surfaces with a Common Line of Curvature in Minkowski 3-Space

M.K. Saad, A.Z. Ansari, M. Akram and F. Alharbi

Improved Oscillation Criteria of Second-Order Advanced Non-canonical Difference Equation

G.E. Chatzarakis, N. Indrajith, S.L. Panetsos, E. Thandapani

February 2022

A Generalization of a Partial b-metric and Fixed Point Theorems

P. Singh and V. Singh

On Trigonometric Approximation of Continuous Functions by Deferred Matrix Means

Xh. Z. Krasniqi

January 2022

Trace Inequalities for Operators in Hilbert Spaces: a Survey of Recent Results

Sever S. Dragomir

December 2021

Corrigendum for A Review on Minimally Supported Frequency Wavelets

K. Pallavi, M. C. Lineesh, A. Noufal

Existence, Global Regularity and Uniqueness of Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations in Space Dimension 3 when the Initial Data are Regular

Moulay D. Tidriri

On General Class of Nonlinear Contractive Maps and their Performance Estimates

O. T. Wahab and S. A. Musa

Error Bounds for Numerical Integration of Functions of Lower Smoothness and Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Rule

S. A. Surulere and A.O. Oladeji

Oscillatory Behavior of Second-Order Non-Canonical Retarded Difference Equations

G. E.Chatzarakis, N. Indrajith, E. Thandapani and
K. S.Vidhyaa

November 2021

A Review on Minimally Supported Frequency Wavelets

K. Pallavi, M. C. Lineesh, A. Noufal

November 2021

An Integration Technique for Evaluating Quadratic Harmonic Sums

J. M. Campbell and K.-W. Chen

Existence of Compositional Square Roots of Circle Maps

K. Ali Akbar and T. Mubeena

October 2021

Algorithms for Nonlinear Problems Involving Strictly Pseudocontractive Mappings

M. O. Aibinu, S. C. Thakur, S. Moyo

Multistage Analytical Approximate Solution of Quasi-Linear Differential- Algebraic System of Index Two

I. M. Albak, F. A. Abdullah and Z. Zainuddin

A Regularity of the Weak Solution Gradient of the Dirichlet Problem for Divergent Form Elliptic Equations in Morrey Spaces

N. K. Tumalun and P. E. A. Tuerah

September 2021

A New Method with Regularization for Solving Split Variational Inequality Problems in Real Hilbert Spaces

F. Akutsah and O. K. Narain

Locally Bicomplex Convex Module and Their Applications

S. Kunga and A. Sharma

Numerical Solution of Certain Types of Fredholm-Volterra Integro-Fractional Differential Equations via Bernstein Polynomials

A. B. Khalaf, A. H. Sallo and S. S. Ahmed

August 2021

Hankel Functional Connected to Lemniscate of Bernoulli

K. R. Rao, R. Lal and K. Kaushal

The RAFU remainder in Taylor's formula

A. C. Sanchez

A New Relaxed Complex-valued b-metric Type and Fixed Point Results

Pravin Singh, Virath Singh and Thokozani Cyprian Martin Jele

July 2021

Orthogonal Collocation on Finite Elements Using Quintic Hermite Basis

P. Singh, N. Parumasur and C. Bansilal

Semivectorial Bilevel Optimization on Affine-Finsler-Metric Manifolds

Faik Mayah, Ali S Rasheed and Naseif J. Al- Jawari

On Euler's First Transformation Formula for k-hypergeometric Function

S. Jun and I. Kim

Coefficient Estimates Of Sakaguchi Kind Functions Using Lucas Polynomials

H. Priya and B. Srutha Keerthi

Lie Group Theoretic Approach of One-Dimensional Black-Scholes Equation

P. L. Zondi and M. B. Matadi

June 2021

Some Remarks On Quasinearly Subharmonic Functions

M. Kalantar

Nonlinear System of Mixed Ordered Variational Inclusions Involving XOR Operation

I. Ahmad, Abdullah, S. S. Irfan

May 2021


Generalized Von Neumann-Jordan Constant for Morrey Spaces and Small Morrey Spaces

H. Rahman and H. Gunawan

Riemann-Stieltjes Integrals and Some Ostrowski Type Inequalities

W. G. Alshanti

Existence of Solution of Differential and Riemann-Liouville Equation Via Fixed Point Approach in Complex Valued b-Metric Spaces

K Afassinou, A. A. Mebawondu, H. A. Abass and O K Narain

April 2021

Coexisting Attractors and Bubbling Route to Chaos in Modified Coupled Duffing Oscillators

B. Deruni, A. S. Hacinliyan, E. Kandiran, A. C. Keles, S. Kaouache, M.-S. Abdelouahab, N.-E. Hamri

On Admissible Mapping via Simulation Function

A. Padcharoen and P. Sukprasert

Evaluation of a New Class of Double Integrals Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Function 4F3

J. Kim, I. Kim and H. Harsh

Pointwise Convergence of Fourier-type Series with Exponential Weights

H-S Jung and R. Sakai

March 2021

A Note on Schur's Lemma in Banach Function Spaces

R. E. Castillo, H. Rafeiro and E. M. Rojas

Rational Expressions of Arithmetic and Geometric Means for the Sequence npn ∈ N and the Geometric Progression

M. Kinegawa, S. Miyamoto and Y. Nishizawa

Analysis of the Dynamic Response of the Soil-pile Behavioral Model Under Lateral Load

I. Mbaye, M. Diop, A. Sonko and M. Ba

Some criteria for Subspace-hypercyclicity of C0-semigroups

M. Moosapoor

February 2021

Construction of a Frame Multiresolution Analysis on Locally Compact Abelian Groups

R. Kumar and Satyapriya

Some Properties on a Class of p-valent Functions Involving Generalized Differential Operator

A. T. Yousef, Z. Salleh and T. Al-Hawary

A New Relaxed b-metric Type and Fixed Point Results

P. Singh, V. Singh and Thokozani Cyprian Martin Jele

Sharp Inequalities Between Hölder and Stolarsky Means of Two Positive Numbers

M. Bustos Gonzalez and A. I. Stan

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January 2021 New Editorial Board appointment -- Hemen Dutta.
January 2021

Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for MN-Convex Functions

Sever S. Dragomir

Existence and Approximation of Traveling Wavefronts for the Diffusive Mackey-Glass Equation

C. Ramirez-Carrasco and J. Molina-Garay

Some Properties of Cosine Series with Coefficients from Class of General Monotone Sequences Order r

Corina Karim, Moch. Aruman Imron

Sweeping Surfaces with Darboux Frame in Euclidean 3-space E3

F. Mofarreh, R. Abdel-Baky and N. Alluhaibi

December 2020

Inequalities of Gamma Function Appearing in Generalizing Probability Sampling Design

Mohammadkheer M. Al-Jararha and Jehad M. Al-Jararha

Estimates of Norms on Krein Spaces

S. K. Athira and P. S. Johnson and K. Kamaraj

Reduced Generalized Combination Synchronization Between Two n-Dimensional Integer-Order Hyperchaotic Systems and One m-Dimensional Fractional-Order Chaotic System

S. Kaouache, M. S, Abdelouahab and R. Bououden

ψ(m,q)-Isometric Mappings on Metric Spaces

S. A. O. Beinane, S. H. Jah and S. A. O. A. Mahmoud

November 2020

The Effect of Harvesting Activities on Prey-Predator Fishery Model with Holling type II in Toxicant Aquatic Ecosystem

Moh Nurul Huda, Fidia Deny Tisna Amijaya, Ika Purnamasari

Optimization Techniques on Affine Differential Manifolds

Ali S Rasheed, Faik Mayah and Ahmed A H AL-Jumaili

A Self-adaptive Subgradient Extragradient Algorithm for Variational Inequality Problems and Fixed Point Problems in Banach Spaces

F. U. Ogbuisi

Optimal Control Analysis of HIV/AIDS Epidemic Model with an Antiretroviral Treatment

U. Habibah and R. A. Sari

October 2020

Analysis of a Dynamic Elasto-viscoplastic Frictionless Antiplan Contact Problem with Normal Compliance

A. Ourahmoun, B. Bouderah, T. Serrar

Antiderivatives and Integrals Involving Incomplete Beta Functions with Applications

R. AlAhmad and H. Almefleh

Fractional exp(-φ(ξ))- Expansion Method and its Application to Space--Time Nonlinear Fractional Equations

A. A. Moussa and L. A. Alhakim

September 2020

Some Properties of (co)homology of Lie Algebra

A. H. Noreldeen, H. M. Ali, S. Aboquota

Solving Non-Autonomous Nonlinear Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Multi-Stage Differential Transform Method

K. A. Ahmad, Z. Zainuddin, F. A. Abdullah

Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimates For A Conforming Mixed Finite Element Discretization of the Monge-Ampere Equation

J. Adetola, K. W. Houedanou and  B. Ahounou

August 2020

On Subspace-Supercyclic Operators

M. Moosapoor

An Efficient Modification of Differential Transform Method for Solving Integral and Integro-differential Equations

S. Al-Ahmad, I. M. Sulaiman, and M. Mamat

Numerical Approximation by the Method of Lines with Finite-volume Approach of a Solute Transport Equation in Periodic Heterogeneous Porous Medium

D. J. Bambi Pemba and B. Ondami

July 2020

Attempts to Define a Baum--Connes Map Via Localization of Categories for Inverse Semigroups

B. Burgstaller

The Higher Coefficients for Bazilevic Functions B1(α)

Marjono, S. Fitri, and K. A. Daniswara

On The Degree of Approximation of Periodic Functions from Lipschitz and Those from Generalized Lipschitz Classes

Xhevat Z. Krasniqi

June 2020

Double Difference of Composition Operator on Bloch Spaces

Rinchen Tundup

Accuracy of Implicit DIMSIMs with Extrapolation

A. J. Kadhim, A. Gorgey, N. Arbin and N. Razali

May 2020

Operators On Frames

Javad Baradaran and Zahra Ghorbani

Several Applications of a Local Non-convex Young-type Inequality

Loredana Ciurdariu, Sorin Lugojan

On Ruled Surfaces According to Quasi-Frame in Euclidean 3-Space

M. Khalifa Saad and R. A. Abdel-Baky

April 2020


Oblique Projectors from the Simpson Discrete Fourier Transformation Matrix

P. Singh and V. Singh

Simplicial (co)-homology of Band Semigroup

Yasser Farhat

March 2020

The Jacobson Density Theorem for Non-Commutative Ordered Banach

K. Muzundu

Analysis of a Frictional Contact Problem for Viscoelastic Piezoelectric Materials

M. Said Ameur, T. Hadj Ammar and L. Maiza

February 2020

Applications of Von Neumann Algebras to Rigidity Problems of (2-Step) Riemannian (Nil-)Manifolds

A. Hasan-Zadeh and H-R. Fanai

Composite Variational-Like Inequalities Given By Weakly Relaxed ζ-Semi-Pseudomonotone Multi-Valued Mapping

S. S. Irfan, I. Ahmad, Z. Khan and P. Shukla

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January 2020

Inequalities for Functions of Selfadjoint Operators on Hilbert Spaces:
a Survey of Recent Results

S. S. Dragomir

Generalised Models for Torsional Spine Reconnection

Ali Khalaf Hussain Al-Hachami

December 2019

A new approach to the study of fixed point for simulation functions with application in G-metric spaces

Komi Afassinou  and Ojen Kumar Narain

Some fixed point results in partial S-metric spaces

M. M. Rezaee, S. Sedghi, A. Mukheimer, K. Abodayeh, and Z. D. Mitrovic

Weyl's theorem for class Q and k-quasi class Q Operators

S. Parvatham and D. Senthilkumar

Structural and Spectral Properties of k-Quasi Class Q Operators

Valdete Rexhëbeqaj Hamiti and Shqipe Lohaj

November 2019

Countable Ordinal Spaces and Compact Countable Subsets of a Metric Space

B. Alvarez-Samaniego, A. Merino

The Concept of Convergence for 2-Dimensional Subspaces Sequence in Normed Spaces

M. Manuharawati, D. N. Yunianti, M. Jakfar

Bounds on the Jensen Gap, and Implications for Mean-Concentrated Distributions

Xiang Gao, Meera Sitharam, Adrian E. Roitberg

November 2019 New Editorial Board appointment -- Professor Praveen Agarwal Link
November 2019

Extension of Factorization Theorems of Maurey to s-positively Homogeneous Operators

Abdelmoumen Tiaiba

Global Analysis on Riemannian Manifolds

Louis Omenyi and Michael Uchenna

October 2019

A New Adomian Approach to Solving Integral Equations of Fredholm and Volterra Second Kind

Ouedraogo Seny, Nebie Abdoul Wassiha, Youssouf Pare, Blaise Some

On the Polyconvolution of Hartley Integral Transforms H1, H2, H1 and Integral Equations

Nguyen Minh Khoa and Dau Xuan Luong

September 2019

Kinematic Model for Magnetic Null-points in 2 Dimensions

Ali Khalaf Hussain Al-Hachami

Some New Mappings Related to Weighted Mean Inequalities

Xiu-Fen Ma

August 2019

An Existence of the Solution to Neutral Stochastic Functional Differential Equations Under the Holder Condition

Young-Ho Kim

Solving Two Point Boundary Value Problems by Modified Sumudu Transform Homotopy Perturbation Method

Asem AL Nemrat and Zarita Zainuddin

July 2019

On a subset of Bazilevic functions

Marjono and D. K. Thomas

On an extension of Edwards's double integral with applications

I. Kim, S. Jun, Y. Vyas and A. K. Rathie

Formulation of Approximate Mathematical Model for Incoming Water to Some Dams on Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Using Spline Function

Nadia M. J. Ibrahem, Heba A. Abd Al-Razak, and Muna M. Mustafa

June 2019


A Generalization of Ostrowski's Inequality for Functions of Bounded Variation via a Parameter

Seth Kermausuor

Dynamical Analysis of HIV/AIDS Epidemic Model with Two Latent Stages, Vertical Transmission and Treatment

Nur Shofianah, Isnani Darti, Syaiful Anam

A Low Order Least-Squares Nonconforming Finite Element Method for Steady Magnetohydrodynamic Equations

Z. Yu, D. Shi and H. Zhu

Action Of Differential Operators On Chirpsconstruct On L

Taoufik El Bouayachi and Naji Yebari

May 2019

An Analytical Solution of Perturbed Fisher's Equation Using Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM), Regular Perturbation Method (RPM) and Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM)

Moussa Bagayogo, Youssouf Minoungou, Youssouf Pare

Cubic Alternating Harmonic Number Sums

Anthony Sofo

Some Convergence Results for  Jungck-Am Iterative Process In Hyperbolic Spaces

Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu and Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo

March 2019

Characterization of Caristi Type Mapping Through its Absolute Derivative

M. Muslikh, A. Kilicman, S. H. Sapar and N. Bacho

On a New Class of Eulerian's Type Integrals Involving Generalized Hypergeometric Functions

Sungtae Jun, Insuk Kim and Arjun K. Rathie

Existence and Estimate of the Solution for the Approximate Stochastic Equation to the Viscous Barotropic Gas

R. Benseghir and A. Benchettah

A New Interpretation of the Number e

Olivier de La Grandville

February 2019

A Note on Taylor Expansions Without the Differentiability Assumption

Moawia Alghalith

A kind of Function Series and Its Applications

Yang Tianze

Hankel Operators on Copson's Spaces

Nicolae Popa

Some Inequalities of the Hermite-Hadamard Type for k-Fractional Conformable Integrals

C.-J. Huang, G. Rahman, K. S. Nisar, A. Ghaffar and F. Qi

The Influence of Fluid Pressure in Macromechanical Cochlear Model

F. E. Aboulkhouatem, F. Kouilily, N. Achtaich, N. Yousfi and M. El Khasmi

January 2019

The Conservativeness of Girsanov Transformed for Symmetric Jump-diffusion Process

Mila Kurniawaty and Marjono

Numerical Radius Isometries between Hermitian Banach Algebras

Mohamed Mabrouk and Ashwaq Albideewi

On Finding Integrating Factors and First Integrals for a Class of Higher Order Differential Equations

Mohammadkheer Al-Jararha

November 2018

The Functional Equation With an Exponential Polynomial Solution and its Stability

Y. W. Lee, G. H. Kim, and J. I. Kim

Convergence Speed of Some Random Implicit-Kirk-type Iterations for Contractive-type Random Operators

H. Akewe, K.S. Eke

Corrigendum for New Exact Taylor's Expansions Without the Remainder: Application to Finance

M. Alghalith

October 2018

Euler-Maclaurin Formulas for Functions of Bounded Variation

G. De Marco, M. De Zotti, C. Mariconda

Iterative Algorithm for Split Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problem Involving Relaxed Monotone Mappings in Real Hilbert Spaces

U.A. Osisiogu, F.L. Adum, and C. Izuchukwu

October 2018

Relations Between Differentiability And One-sided Differentiability

Q. D. Gjonbalaj, V. R. Hamiti and L. Gjoka

Stability Analysis Epidemic Model of SIR Type (Susceptible, Infectious, Recovered) On The Spread Dynamic of Malaria in Ambon City

Alwi Smith

September 2018

Polynomial Dichotomy of C0-Quasi Semigroups in Banach Spaces

Sutrima, Christiana Rini Indrati, Lina Aryati

Local Boundedness of Weak Solutions for Singular Parabolic Systems of p-Laplacian Type

Corina Karim, Marjono

A Multivalued Version of the Radon-Nikodym Theorem, via the Single-valued Gould Integral

D. Candeloro, A. Croitoru, A. Gavrilut and A. R. Sambucini

August 2018

Existence of Optimal Parameters for Damped Sine-Gordon Equation with Variable Diffusion Coefficient and Neumann Boundary Conditions

N. Thapa

A Method of the Study of the Cauchy Problem for a Singularly Perturbed Linear Inhomogeneous Differential Equation

Evgeny E Bukzhalev and Alexey V Ovchinnikov

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July 2018

A Comparison Between Two Different Stochastic Epidemic Models with Respect to the Entropy

Farzad Fatehi and Tayebe Waezizadeh

Invariant Subspaces Close to Almost Invariant Subspaces for Bounded Linear Operators

M. A. Farzaneh, A. Assadi and H. M. Mohammadinejad

July 2018

On Closed Range C*-modular Operators

Javad Farokhi-Ostad and Ali Reza Janfada

Generalized k-distance-balanced Graphs

Amir Hosseini and Mehdi Alaeiyan

May 2018

Fractional class of analytic functions Defined Using q-Differential Operator

K . R. Karthikeyan, Musthafa Ibrahim and S. Srinivasan

On Commutator of Aluthge Transforms and Fuglede-Putnam Property

Manzar Maleki, Ali Reza Janfada and Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Nabavi Sales

March 2018

Relation Between The Set Of Non-decreasing Functions And The Set Of Convex Functions

Qefsere Doko Gjonbalaj and Luigj Gjoka

Closedness and Skew Self-Adjointness of Nadir's Operator

Mostefa Nadir and Abdellatif Smati

February 2018

Polyanalytic functions on subsets of Z[i]

Abtin Daghighi

New exact Taylor's expansions without the remainder: Application to finance

Moawia Alghalith

Integrating Factors and First Integrals of a Class of Third Order Differential Equations

Mohammadkheer Al-Jararha

January 2018


Inequalities for Discrete F-Divergence Measures: A Survey of Recent Results

Sever S. Dragomir

Introducing the Dorfmanian: A Powerful Tool for the Calculus Of Variations

Olivier de La Grandville

Birkhoff-James orthogonality and Best Approximant in L1(X)

Mecheri Hacene and Rebiai Belgacem

December 2017

Split Equality for Monotone Inclusion Problem and Fixed Point Problem in Real Banach Spaces

Christian Chibueze Okeke, Abdumalik Usman Bello, Chinedu Izuchukwu, and Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo

Convergence and Stability Results for New Three Step Iteration Process in Modular Spaces

Naresh Kumar and Renu Chugh

Coefficient Estimates for Certain Subclasses of Bi-univalent Sakaguchi Type Functions by using Faber Polynomial

P. Murugabharathi, B. Srutha Keerthi

November 2017

Mapped Chebyshev Spectral Methods for Solving Second Kind Integral Equations on the Real Line

Ahmed Guechi and Azedine Rahmoune

October 2017

Weakly Compact Composition Operators on Real Lipschitz Spaces of Complex-valued Functions on Compact Metric Spaces with Lipschitz Involutions

D. Alimohammadi and H. Alihoseini

Euler Series Solutions for Linear Integral Equations

Mostefa Nadir and Mustapha Dilmi

September 2017

The Dynamics of an Ebola Epidemic Model with Quarantine of Infectives

Eliab Horub Kweyunga

A Note on Calderon Operator

Chunping Xie

Some properties of quasinormal, paranormal and 2-k* paranormal operators

Shqipe Lohaj

August 2017

Iterative Approximation of Zeros of Accretive Type Maps, with Applications

Charles Ejike Chidume, Chinedu Godwin Ezea, and Emmanuel Ezzaka Otubo

Existence of Positive Solutions for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations with Multi-point Boundary Conditions

N. Adjeroud

Wavelet Frames in Higher Dimensional Sobolev Spaces

Raj Kumar, Manish Chauhan, and Reena

July 2017

Some properties of k-quasi class Q* operators

Shqipe Lohaj and Valdete Rexhëbeqaj Hamiti

On Interpolation of L2 functions

Anis Rezgui

Applications of the Structure Theorem of (w1,w2)-Tempered Ultradistributions

Hamed M. Obiedat and Lloyd E. Moyo

April 2017

New Implicit Kirk-Type Schemes for General Class of Quasi-Contractive Operators in Generalized Convex Metric

K. Rauf, O. T. Wahab and A. Ali

Strong Convergence Theorems for a Common Zero of an Infinite Family of Gamma-Inverse Strongly Monotone Maps with Applications

Charles Ejike Chidume, Ogonnaya Michael Romanus, and Ukamaka Victoria Nnyaba

Some New Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard and Fejér Type for Certain Functions with Higher Convexity

Steven G. From

Extreme Curvature of Polynomials and Level Sets

Stephanie P. Edwards, Tarah J. Jensen, Edward Niedermeyer, and Lindsay Willett

March 2017

Bilinear Regular Operators on Quasi-Normed Functional Spaces

D. L. Fernandez and E. B. Silva=

New Refinements of Hölder's Inequality

Xiu-Fen Ma

On Singular Numbers of Hankel Matrices of Markov Functions

Vasily A. Prokhorov

February 2017


Ostrowski Type Inequalities for Lebesgue Integral: a Survey of Recent Results

Sever S. Dragomir

A Subordination Theorem for Analytic Functions


A Note on Divergent Fourier Series and λ-Permutations

A. Castillo, J. Chavez and H. Kim

Generalized Weighted Trapezoid and Grüss Type Inequalities on Time Scales

Eze Raymond Nwaeze

December 2016

A Generalization of Viete's Infinite Product and New Mean Iterations

Ryo Nishimura

Stability of the D-Bar Reconstruction Method for Complex Conductivities

S. El Kontar, T. El Arwadi, H. Chrayteh, J.-M. Sac-Épée



On The Rayleigh-Love Rod Accreting In Both Length And Cross-Sectional Area: Forced And Damped Vibrations

M.L.G. Lekalakala, M. Shatalov, I. Fedotov, S.V. Joubert

Lower and Upper Bounds for the Point-Wise Directional Derivative of the Fenchel Duality Map

M. Raissouli, M. Ramezani

Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for <i>k</i>-Riemann Liouville Fractional Integrals Via Two Kinds of Convexity

R. Hussain, A. Ali, G. Gulshan, A. Latif and K. Rauf

October 2016

Strong Convergence Theorem for a Common Fixed Point of an Infinite Family of J-nonexpansive Maps with Applications

Charlse Ejike Chidume, Otubo Emmanuel Ezzaka and Chinedu Godwin Ezea

Ostrowski Type Fractional Integral Inequalities for Generalized (s,m,φ)-preinvex Functions

Artion Kashuri and Rozana Liko

September 2016

Credibility Based Fuzzy Entropy Measure

G. Yari, M. Rahimi, B. Moomivand and P. Kumar

Stability of an Almost Surjective epsilon-Isometry in The Dual of Real Banach Spaces

Minanur Rohman, Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo, and Marjono

Robust Error Analysis of Solutions to Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equation in Lp Spaces

Hamid Baghani, Javad Farokhi-Ostad and Omid Baghani

Partial Semigroup Algebras Associated to Partial Action

Bahman Tabatabaie Shourijeh and Sahar Moayeri Rahni

July 2016

Presentation a mathematical model for bone metastases control by using tamoxifen

Maryam Nikbakht, Alireza Fakharzadeh Jahromi and Aghileh Heydari

The boundedness of Bessel-Riesz operators on generalized Morrey spaces

Mochammad Idris, Hendra Gunawan and Eridani

Some interesting properties of finite continuous Cesŕro operators

Abdelouahab Mansour and Abderrazak Hechifa

June 2016

On operators for which T2≥-T*2

Messaoud Guesba and Mostefa Nadir

Hyponormal and K-Quasi-Hyponormal Operators On Semi-Hilbertian Spaces

Ould Ahmed Mahmoud Sid Ahmed and Abdelkader Benali

Properties of q-gamma and q-beta functions derived from the q-Gauss-Pólya inequalities

Sanja Varošanec

Inequalities for the Area Balance of Functions of Bounded Variation

Sever S. Dragomir

May 2016

Bartle Integration in Lie Algebras

Andreas Boukas and Philip Feinsilver

Some New Generalizations of Jensen's Inequality with Related Results and Applications

Steven From

On the constant in a transference inequality for the vector-valued Fourier transform

Dion Gijswijt and Jan van Neerven

December 2015

On the Biharmonic Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Integral Conditions

R. Hamdouche and H. Saker

Weak Type Inequalities for Some Operators on Generalized Morrey Spaces Over Metric Measure Spaces

Idha Sihwaningrum, Ari Wardayani, Hendra Gunawan

On the Hyers-Ulam Stability of Homomorphisms and Lie Derivations

Javad Izadi and Bahmann Yousefi

November 2015

C*-valued metric projection and Moore-Penrose inverse on Hilbert C*-modules

M. Eshaghi Gordji, H. Fathi and S.A.R. Hosseinioun

October 2015

On a Class of Meromorphic Functions of Janowski Type Related with a Convolution Operator

Abdul Rahman S. Juma, Husamaldin I. Dhayea

Commutators of Hardy Type Operators

Chunping Xie

Some Grüss Type Inequalities in Inner Product Spaces

Sever S. Dragomir

September 2015

Examples of Fractals Satisfying the Quasihyperbolic Boundary Condition

Petteri Harjulehto and Riku Klén

Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer Type Inequalities for Harmonically s-convex Functions via Fractional Integrals

İmdat İşcan, Mehmet Kunt

May 2015

Existence and Regularity of Minima of an Integral Functional in Unbounded Domain

L. Aharouch, J. Bennouna and A. Bouajaja

Some Double λ-Convergent Sequence Spaces Over n-Normed Spaces

Kuldip Raj, Renu Anand and Seema Jamwal

Optimization and Approximation for Polyhedra in Separable Hilbert Spaces

Paolo d'Alessandro

On Eigenvalues and Boundary Curvature of the C*-algebra Numerical Rang

M. T. Heydari

April 2015

On Some Constructive Method of Rational Approximation

Vasiliy A. Prokhorov

March 2015

Asymptotic Analysis of Positive Decreasing Solutions of a Class of Systems of Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations in the Framework of Regular Variation

Jaroslav Jaroš, Kusano Takaŝi, Tomoyuki Tanigawa

On a Problem on Periodic Functions

Adel A. Abdelkarim

New Stochastic Calculus

Moawia Alghalith

December 2014

Weak solutions of non coercive stochastic Navier-Stokes equations in R2

Wilhelm Stannat and Satoshi Yokoyama

On the Regularization of Hammerstein's type Operator Equations

E. Prempeh, I. Owusu-Mensah and K. Piesie-Frimpong

Sufficient Conditions for Certain Types of Functions to be Parabolic Starlike

A. Gangadharan and S. Chinthamani

A Nonhomogeneous Subdiffusion Heat Equation

Joel-Arturo Rodriguez-Ceballos, Ana-Magnolia Marin, Ruben-Dario Ortiz

Scope of the Logarithmic Mean

Murali Rao and Agnish Dey

 Ap Functions and Maximal Operator

Chunping Xie

Application of Equivalence Method to Classify Monge-Ampčre Equations of Elliptic Type

Moheddine Imsatfia

On Some Estimates for the Logarithmic Mean

Shuhei Wada

September 2014

L∞- Error Estimate of Schwarz Algorithm for Elliptic Quasi-Variational Inequalities Related to Impulse Control Problem

Saadi Samira and Mehri Allaoua

End-Point and Transversality Conditions in the Calculus of Variations: Derivations through Direct Reasoning

Olivier de La Grandville

June 2014

An Improvement of the Hermite-Hadamard Inequality for Functions Convex on the Coordinates

Milica Klaričić Bakula

On the Sendov Conjecture for a Root Close to the Unit Circle

Indraneel G. Kasmalkar

On A Conjecture of A Logarithmically Completely Monotonic Function

Valmir Krasniqi, Armend Sh. Shabani

A Short Proof of an Open Inequality with Power-Exponential Functions

Mitsuhiro Miyagi and Yusuke Nishizawa

To a Banach *-algebra in a Semipartial Dynamical System

Bahman Tabatabaie Shourijeh and Seyed Mostafa Zebarjad

Some New Nonlinear Integro-Differential Inequalities of Gronwall-Bellman-Pachpatte Type

A. Abdeldaim

A Dynamic Contact Problem for an Electro Viscoelastic Body

Denche M. and Ait Kaki L.

February 2014

Some Operator Order Inequalities for Continuous Functions of Selfadjoint Operators in Hilbert Spaces

S. S. Dragomir and Charles E. M. Pearce

Some Properties of the Marshall-Olkin and Generalized Cuadras-Augé Families of Copulas

Edward Dobrowolski and Pranesh Kumar

December 2013

Renormalized Solutions for Nonlinear Parabolic Equation with Lower Order Terms

A. Aberqi, J. Bennouna, M. Mekkour and H. Redwane

November 2013

New Solutions to Non-Smooth PDEs

Moawia Alghalith

Numerical Solution of A System of Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Boundary-Value Problems Using Mesh Equidistribution Technique

Pratibhamoy Das and Srinivasan Natesan

October 2013

Schwarz Method for Variational Inequalities Related to Ergodic Control Problems

S. Saadi and H. Mécheri

New Inequalities of Mill's Ratio and Application to The Inverse Q-function Approximation

Pingyi Fan

Uniform Continuity and k-Convexity

Adel Afif Abdelkarim

May 2013

Some Applications of Fejér's Inequality for Convex Functions (I)

S.S. Dragomir and I. Gomm

C*-algebras Associated Noncommutative Circle and Their K-theory

Saleh Omran

On Reformations of 2--Hilbert Spaces

M. Eshaghi Gordji, A. Divandari, M. R. Safi and Y. J. Cho

April 2013

Properties of Certain Multivalent Functions Involving Ruscheweyh Derivatives

N-Eng Xu and Ding-Gong Yang

A Geometric Generalization of Busemann-Petty Problem

Liu Rong and Yuan Jun

Multilinear Fractional Integral Operators on Herz Spaces

Yasuo Komori-Furuya

Certain Compact Generalizations of Well-Known Polynomial Inequalities

N. A. Rather and Suhail Gulzar

February 2013

Certain Coefficient Estimates for Bi-univalent Sakaguchi Type Functions

B. Srutha Keerthi, S. Chinthamani

Some Identities for Ramanujan - Göllnitz - Gordon Continued fraction

M. S. Mahadeva Naika, B. N. Dharmendra and S. Chandan Kumar

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4 September 2009

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2009 is a freely available special issue dedicated to S. M. Ulam, edited by Professor Themistocles M. Rassias.

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