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Information for Authors




On submission of an author's manuscript it must be confirmed that it has not previously been published or is in consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors must abide by copyright laws in order to be published. Visit the copyright page for more information. 

The order in which submissions will be processed is as follows:

Manuscripts along with covering note are sent to the Editor in Chief by the corresponding author.

All manuscripts will then be refereed by world-class experts in the domain appointed either by the Editor in Chief or by another member of the editorial board, appointed for this task by the Editor in Chief.

Electronic submission of manuscripts must be written in LaTeX or AMSLaTeX. An accompanying DVI, PS, or PDF file should also be included.

Contributions will be reviewed in 3-6 months. For re-submitted manuscripts, notification will occur within 2 months.

Once the manuscript has been accepted, the author will then receive from the Editorial Board a proof reading for correction.

Publication will commence within one month after the Editorial Office receives the final proof readings from the author.

Article Preparation

Manuscripts must be written in English.

The following must be supplied on the front-matter in the same order as indicated below:

1. Title of the article (containing no mathematical symbols)
2. Author's name. (First name Initial. Surname)
3. Affiliations.
4. E-mail address.
5. Web page address.
6. Postal address.
7. You should use a running head of no more than sixty characters.
8. Mathematics Subject Classification codes (MSC2000) should be included along with a list of keywords.

A brief abstract no longer than two hundred words and containing no mathematical symbols must accompany the manuscript. Bibliographic references, if necessary, should be written in full. References to theorems, equations etc. must not appear in the abstract.

The position of figures must be clearly indicated. Figures and tables must also be labeled. Furthermore they must be attached in a form suitable for both electronic and direct reproduction. Preference is given to figures produced in EPS or PDF format. Bitmap formats may be acceptable (in which case we would prefer JPG or PNG) if their resolution does not exclude high quality print reproduction.

All equations, theorems, tables, figures should be referenced as in "Refer to Figure 1.1", or "... this concludes the proof of Theorem 1.2". Author's should make use of LaTeX commands for their references within the article and the bibliographic references. Bibliographic references should also be numbered and listed alphabetically at the end of the article. Consult Mathematical Reviews for the standard abbreviations of journal names.

AJMAA has its own style for numbering theorems, equations, etc... that authors accept once they submit their papers to this journal. These are all part of the typesetting requirements of the journal and are essential to the journal's electronic documents. Help with meeting these requirements is available at the author's own expense from the Editorial Office. Author should enquire about pricing information at the Editorial Office.

Click here to download a sample article (updated for 2020).

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