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Using Direct and Fixed Point Technique of Cubic Functional Equation and its Hyers-Ulam Stability


Ramanuja Rao Kotti, Rajnesh Krishnan Mudaliar, Kaushal Neelam Devi, Shailendra Vikash Narayan

Fiji National University,
Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
P.O. Box 5529, Lautoka,


In this present work, we introduce a new type of finite dimensional cubic functional equation of the form

where Φ≥4 is an integer, and derive its general solution. The main purpose of this work is to investigate the Hyers-Ulam stability results for the above mentioned functional equation in Fuzzy Banach spaces by means of direct and fixed point methods.

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Existence of Optimal Parameters for Damped Sine-Gordon Equation with Variable Diffusion Coefficient and Neumann Boundary Conditions


N. Thapa

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Cameron University,
2800 West Gore Blvd,
73505 Lawton, Oklahoma,


The parameter identification problem for sine-Gordon equation is of a major interests among mathematicians and scientists.\ In this work we the consider sine-Gordon equation with variable diffusion coefficient and Neumann boundary data. We show the existence and uniqueness of weak solution for sine-Gordon equation. Then we show that the weak solution continuously depends on parameters. Finally we show the existence of optimal set of parameters.

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