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The Superstability of the Pexider Type Trigonometric Functional Equation


Gwang Hui Kim and Young Whan Lee

Department of Mathematics, Kangnam
University Yongin, Gyeonggi, 446-702, Korea.

Department of Computer and Information Security
Daejeon University, Daejeon 300-716, Korea.


The aim of this paper is to investigate the stability problem for
the Pexider type (hyperbolic) trigonometric functional equation
f(x+y)+f(x+σy)=λg(x)h(y) under the conditions :
|f(x+y)+f(x+σy)- λg(x)h(y)|≤φ(x),
, and min {φ(x), φ (y)}.

As a consequence, we have generalized the results of stability for
the cosine(d'Alembert), sine, and the Wilson functional equations by J.
Baker, P. Găvruta, R. Badora and R. Ger, Pl.~Kannappan, and G.
H. Kim

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