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Approximation of Common Fixed Points of a Finite Family of Asymptotically Demicontractive Mappings in Banach Spaces


Yuchao Tang, Yong Cai, Liqun Hu and Liwei Liu

 Department of Mathematics, NanChang University,
Nanchang 330031, P.R. China
 Department of Mathematics, Xi'an Jiaotong University,
Xi'an 710049, P.R. China


By virtue of new analytic techniques, we analyze and study
several strong convergence theorems for the approximation of
common fixed points of asymptotically demicontractive mappings
via the multistep iterative sequence with errors in Banach
spaces. Our results improve and extend the corresponding ones
announced by Osilike , Osilike and Aniagbosor, Igbokwe, Cho et
al., Moore and Nnoli, Hu and all the others.

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