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Some Generalized Difference Sequence Spaces Defined by Orlicz Functions


Ramzi S. N. Alsaedi and Ahmad H. A. Bataineh

Department of Mathematics, King Abdul Aziz University,
Jeddah P.O.Box 80203,
Saudia Arabia

Department of Mathematics, Al al-Bayt University,
Mafraq 25113,


In this paper, we define the sequence spaces: [V,M,p,u,Δ ],[V,M,p,u,Δ]0 and [V,M,p,u,Δ], where for any sequence x=(xn), the difference sequence Δx is given by Δx=(Δxn) = (xn-xn-1) . We also study some properties and theorems of these spaces. These are generalizations of those defined and studied by Savas and Savas and some others before.

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