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On the Ulam Stability for Euler-Lagrange Type Quadratic Functional Equations


Matina John Rassias and John Michael Rassias

Statistics and Modelling Science,
University of Strathclyde,
Livingstone Tower,
26 Richmond Str,
Glasgow, Uk, G1 1xh

Pedagogical Department, E. E., National and Capodistrian University of Athens,
Section of Mathematics and Informatics,
4, Agamemnonos Str, Aghia Paraskevi,
Athens 15342, Greece


In 1940 (and 1968) S. M. Ulam proposed the well-known Ulam stability problem. In 1941 D.H. Hyers solved the Hyers-Ulam problem for linear mappings. In 1951 D. G. Bourgin has been the second author treating the Ulam problem for additive mappings. In 1978 according to P.M. Gruber this kind of stability problems is of particular interest in probability theory and in the case of functional equations of different types. In 1982-2004 we established the Hyers-Ulam stability for the Ulam problem for different mappings. In 1992-2000 J.M. Rassias investigated the Ulam stability for Euler-Lagrange mappings. In this article we solve the Ulam problem for Euler-Lagrange type quadratic functional equations. These stability results can be applied in mathematical statistics, stochastic analysis, algebra, geometry, as well as in psychology and sociology.

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