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Semivectorial Bilevel Optimization on Affine-Finsler-Metric Manifolds


Faik Mayah1, Ali S Rasheed2 and Naseif J. Al- Jawari3

1Department of Physics,
College of Sciences,
University of Wasit,

2Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

3Dept. of Mathematics,
College of Science,
Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad,


A Finsler manifold is a differential manifold together with a Finsler metric, in this paper we construct a new class of Finsler metric affine manifolds on bilevel semivectorial with optimization problems. The first steps for this purpose involve the study of bilevel optimization on affine manifolds. The bilevel programming problem can be viewed as a static version of the noncooperative, two-person game which was introduced in the context of unbalanced economic markets. Bilevel optimization is a special kind of optimization where one problem is embedded within another.

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