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Solving Non-Autonomous Nonlinear Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Multi-Stage Differential Transform Method


K. A. Ahmad, Z. Zainuddin, F. A. Abdullah

School of Mathematical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM Penang


Differential equations are basic tools to describe a wide variety of phenomena in nature such as, electrostatics, physics, chemistry, economics, etc. In this paper, a technique is developed to solve nonlinear and linear systems of ordinary differential equations based on the standard Differential Transform Method (DTM) and Multi-stage Differential Transform Method (MsDTM). Comparative numerical results that we are obtained by MsDTM and Runge-Kutta method are proposed. The numerical results showed that the MsDTM gives more accurate approximation as compared to the Runge-Kutta numerical method for the solutions of nonlinear and linear systems of ordinary differential equations

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