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On Subspace-Supercyclic Operators


Mansooreh Moosapoor

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Farhangian University, Tehran,


In this paper, we prove that supercyclic operators are subspace-supercyclic and by this we give a positive answer to a question posed in ( L. Zhang, Z. H. Zhou, Notes about subspace-supercyclic operators, Ann. Funct. Anal., 6 (2015), pp. 60--68). We give examples of subspace-supercyclic operators that are not subspace-hypercyclic. We state that if T is an invertible supercyclic operator then Tn and T-n is subspace-supercyclic for any positive integer n. We give two subspace-supercyclicity criteria. Surprisingly, we show that subspace-supercyclic operators exist on finite-dimensional spaces.

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