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On Some Relations Among the Solutions of the Linear Volterra Integral Equations


Ismet Ozdemir and Faruk Temizer

Inönü Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi,


The sufficient conditions for y1(x)≤ y2(x) were given in [1] such that ym(x)=fm(x)+∫ax Km(x, t)ym(t)dt,(m=1,2) and x∈ [a, b]. Some properties such as positivity, boundedness and monotonicity of the solution of the linear Volterra integral equation of the form f(t)=1-∫0tK(t-τ)f(τ)dτ=1-K*f, (0≤ t<∞) were obtained, without solving this equation, in [3,4,5,6]. Also, the boundaries for functions f', f'',..., f(n),(n ∈ N) defined on the infinite interval [0, ∞) were found in [7,8].

In this work, for the given equation f(t)=1-K* f and n≥ 2, it is derived that there exist the functions  L2, L3,..., Ln which can be obtained by means of K and some inequalities among the functions f, h2, h3,..., hi for i=2, 3,...., n are satisfied on the infinite interval [0, ∞), where hi is the solution of the equation hi(t)=1-Li* hi and n is a natural number.

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