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Oscillations of First Order Linear Delay Difference Equations


G. E. Chatzarakis and I. P. Stavroulakis

Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina,
451 10, Greece


Consider the first order linear delay difference equation of the form where is a sequence of nonnegative real numbers, k is a positive integer and denotes the forward difference operator New oscillation criteria are established when the well-known oscillation conditions and are not satisfied. The results obtained essentially improve known results in the literature.

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Multivalued Hemiequilibrium Problems


Muhammad Aslam Noor

Mathematics Department,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Sector H-8/1, Islamabad,



In this paper, we introduce and study a new class of equilibrium problems, known as multivalued hemiequilibrium problems. The auxiliary principle technique is used to suggest and analyze some new classes of iterative algorithms for solving multivalued hemiequilibrium problems. The convergence of the proposed methods either requires partially relaxed strongly monotonicity or pseudomonotonicity. As special cases, we obtain a number of known and new results for solving various classes of equilibrium and variational inequality problems. Since multivalued hemiequilibrium problems include hemiequilibrium, hemivariational inequalities, variational inequalities and complementarity problems as specials cases, our results still hold for these problems.

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