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Equilibria and Periodic Solutions of Projected Dynamical Systems on Sets with Corners


Matthew D. Johnston and Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru

Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Guelph,
Ontario, Canada


Projected dynamical systems theory represents a bridge between the static worlds of variational inequalities and equilibrium problems, and the dynamic world of ordinary differential equations. A projected dynamical system (PDS) is given by the flow of a projected differential equation, an ordinary differential equation whose trajectories are restricted to a constraint set K. Projected differential equations are defined by discontinuous vector fields and so standard differential equations theory cannot apply. The formal study of PDS began in the 90's, although some results existed in the literature since the 70's. In this paper we present a novel result regarding existence of equilibria and periodic cycles of a finite dimensional PDS on constraint sets K, whose points satisfy a corner condition. The novelty is due to proving existence of boundary equilibria without using a variational inequality approach or monotonicity type conditions.

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