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On Reformations of 2--Hilbert Spaces


M. Eshaghi Gordji, A. Divandari, M. R. Safi and Y. J. Cho

Department of Mathematics, Semnan University,
P.O. Box 35195--363, Semnan,

Department of Mathematics, Semnan University,

Department of Mathematics, Semnan University,

Department of Mathematics Education and the RINS,
Gyeongsang National University
Chinju 660-701,


In this paper, first, we introduce the new concept of (complex) 2--Hilbert spaces, that is, we define the concept of 2--inner product spaces with a complex valued 2--inner product by using the 2--norm. Next, we prove some theorems on Schwartz's inequality, the polarization identity, the parallelogram laws and related important properties. Finally, we give some open problems related to 2--Hilbert spaces.

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