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On the Polyconvolution of Hartley Integral Transforms H1, H2, H1 and Integral Equations


Nguyen Minh Khoa and Dau Xuan Luong

Department of Mathematics,
Electric Power University,
Ha Noi, and Faculty of Fundamental Science,
Ha Long University, Quang Ninh,
Viet Nam.


In this paper, we construct and study a new polyconvolution * (f,g,h)(x) of functions f, g, h. We will show that the polyconvolution satisfy the following factorization equality

H1[*(f,g,h)](y)=(H2f)(y)(H1g)(y)(H1h)(y), y R

We prove the existence of this polyconvolution in the space L(R). As examples, applications to solve an integral equation of polyconvolution type and two systems of integral equations of polyconvolution type are presented.

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