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Higher Order Accurate Compact Schemes for Time Dependent Linear and Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equations


S. Thomas, Gopika P.B. and S. K. Nadupuri

Department of Mathematics
National Institute of Technology Calicut


The primary objective of this work is to study higher order compact finite difference schemes for finding the numerical solution of convection-diffusion equations which are widely used in engineering applications. The first part of this work is concerned with a higher order exponential scheme for solving unsteady one dimensional linear convection-diffusion equation. The scheme is set up with a fourth order compact exponential discretization for space and cubic $C^1$-spline collocation method for time. The scheme achieves fourth order accuracy in both temporal and spatial variables and is proved to be unconditionally stable. The second part explores the utility of a sixth order compact finite difference scheme in space and Huta's improved sixth order Runge-Kutta scheme in time combined to find the numerical solution of one dimensional nonlinear convection-diffusion equations. Numerical experiments are carried out with Burgers' equation to demonstrate the accuracy of the new scheme which is sixth order in both space and time. Also a sixth order in space predictor-corrector method is proposed. A comparative study is performed of the proposed schemes with existing predictor-corrector method. The investigation of computational order of convergence is presented.

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