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Dynamical Analysis of HIV/AIDS Epidemic Model with Two Latent Stages, Vertical Transmission and Treatment


Nur Shofianah, Isnani Darti, Syaiful Anam

Mathematics Department,Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
University of Brawijaya,
Jl. Veteran, Malang 65145,


We discuss about dynamical analysis of HIV/AIDS epidemic model with two latent stages, vertical transmission and treatment. In this model, the spreading of HIV occurs through both horizontal and vertical transmission. There is also treatment for individual who has been HIV infected. The latent stage is divided into slow and fast latent stage based on the immune condition which varies for each individual. Dynamical analysis result shows that the model has two equilibrium points: the disease-free equilibrium point and the endemic equilibrium point. The existence and global stability of equilibrium points depend on the basic reproduction number R0. When R0 <1, only the disease-free equilibrium point exists. If R0 >1, there are two equilibrium points, which are the disease-free equilibrium point and the endemic equilibrium point. Based on the result of stability analysis, the disease-free equilibrium point is globally asymptotically stable if R0 <1, while if R0 > 1 and p=q, the endemic equilibrium point will be globally asymptotically stable. In the end, we show some numerical simulations to support the analytical result.

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