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On ε-simultaneous Approximation in Quotient Spaces


H. Alizadeh, Sh. Rezapour, S. M. Vaezpour

Department of Mathematics, Aazad
Islamic University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran,

Department of Mathematics, Azarbaidjan
University of Tarbiat Moallem, Tabriz,

Department of Mathematics, Amirkabir
University of Technology, Tehran,



The purpose of this paper is to develop a theory of best simultaneous approximation to ε-simultaneous approximation. We shall introduce the concept of ε-simultaneous pseudo Chebyshev, ε-simultaneous quasi Chebyshev and ε-simultaneous weakly Chebyshev subspaces of a Banach space. Then, it will be determined under what conditions these subspaces are transmitted to and from quotient spaces.

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