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About PDF


 All articles produced for AJMAA are in PDF format. These are obtained from compiling the original TeX or LaTeX file using Miktex after applying the ajmaa style.

Mathematical papers are usually typeset in one of TeX or LaTeX systems, as are the articles in AJMAA. Historically, this produces DVI  files, a page description language that has only crude support for diagrams, graphics etc. The postscript language, which is popular for its power in combining text, graphics etc., results in files that are too large for transmission over the internet. PDF, a form of compressed postscript, has the capability of combining text and graphics as well as support for color, links and web forms.

However, AJMAA uses Miktex, a package that has many TeX tools, which are used to make the PDF files on the website. We encourage authors to use pdftex/pdflatex on their papers before submissions to ensure all the required packages for the papers are included in either Miktex or SciWP 3.0. To obtain Miktex, please visit

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