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Volume 13

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2018


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On Closed Range C*-modular Operators

Javad Farokhi-Ostad and Ali Reza Janfada


Generalized k-distance-balanced Graphs


Amir Hosseini and Mehdi Alaeiyan


A Comparison Between Two Different Stochastic Epidemic Models with Respect to the Entropy


Farzad Fatehi and Tayebe Waezizadeh


Invariant Subspaces Close to Almost Invariant Subspaces for Bounded Linear Operators


M. A. Farzaneh, A. Assadi and H. M. Mohammadinejad


Existence of Optimal Parameters for Damped Sine-Gordon Equation with Variable Diffusion Coefficient and Neumann Boundary Conditions


N. Thapa


A Method of the Study of the Cauchy Problem for a Singularly Perturbed Linear Inhomogeneous Differential Equation


Evgeny E Bukzhalev and Alexey V Ovchinnikov


Polynomial Dichotomy of C0-Quasi Semigroups in Banach Spaces


Sutrima, Christiana Rini Indrati, Lina Aryati


Local Boundedness of Weak Solutions for Singular Parabolic Systems of p-Laplacian Type


Corina Karim, Marjono


A Multivalued Version of the Radon-Nikodym Theorem, via the Single-valued Gould Integral


D. Candeloro, A. Croitoru, A. Gavrilut and A. R. Sambucini


Relations Between Differentiability And One-sided Differentiability


Q. D. Gjonbalaj, V. R. Hamiti and L. Gjoka


Stability Analysis Epidemic Model of SIR Type (Susceptible, Infectious, Recovered) On The Spread Dynamic of Malaria in Ambon City


Alwi Smith


Euler-Maclaurin Formulas for Functions of Bounded Variation


G. De Marco, M. De Zotti, C. Mariconda


Iterative Algorithm for Split Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problem Involving Relaxed Monotone Mappings in Real Hilbert Spaces


U.A. Osisiogu, F.L. Adum, and C. Izuchukwu


The Functional Equation With an Exponential Polynomial Solution and its Stability


Y. W. Lee, G. H. Kim, and J. I. Kim


Convergence Speed of Some Random Implicit-Kirk-type Iterations for Contractive-type Random Operators


H. Akewe, K.S. Eke


Corrigendum for New Exact Taylor's Expansions Without the Remainder: Application to Finance


M. Alghalith

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