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A One-Line Derivation of the Euler and Ostrogradski Equations


Olivier de La Grandville

Stanford University,
Department of Management Science and Engineering,
Stanford, CA 94305,
U. S. A


At the very heart of major results of classical physics, the Euler and Ostrogradski equations have apparently no intuitive interpretation. In this paper we show that this is not so. Relying on Euler's initial geometric approach, we show that they can be obtained through a direct reasoning that does not imply any calculation. The intuitive approach we suggest offers two benefits: it gives immediate significance to these fundamental second-order non-linear differential equations; and second, it allows to obtain a property of the calculus of variations that does not seem to have been uncovered until now: the Euler and Ostrogradski equations can be derived not necessarily by giving a variation to the optimal function -- as is always done; one could equally well start by giving a variation to their derivative(s).

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