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Superquadracity, Bohr's Inequality and Deviation from a Mean Value


S. Abramovich, J. Barić, and J. Pečarić

Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa,
Haifa, 31905,

FESB, University of Split,
Rudera Bošcovića,
B.B., 21000, Split,

Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb,
Prilaz Baruna Filipovića,
30, 10000 Zagreb,


Extensions of Bohr's inequality via superquadracity are obtained, where instead of the power p=2 which appears in Bohr's inequality we get similar results when we deal with p≥ 2 and with p≤ 2. Also, via superquadracity we extend a bound for deviation from a Mean Value.

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