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Strongly Nonlinear Variational Parabolic Problems in Weighted Sobolev Spaces


L. Aharouch, E. Azroul and M. Rhoudaf

Dép. Math. Faculté des Sciences Dhar-Mahraz
B.P 1796 Atlas Fés,


In this paper , we study the existence of a weak solutions for the initial-boundary value problems of the strongly nonlinear degenerated parabolic equation,

∂u +A(u)+g(x,t,u,∇ u)=f

where A is a Leray-lions operator acted from Lp(0,T,W01,p(Ώ,w)) into its dual. g(x,t,u,∇ u) is a nonlinear term with critical growth condition with respect to ∇ u and no growth with respect to u. The source term f is assumed to belong to Lp'(0,T,W-1,p'(Ώ,w*)).

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