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Jordan Canonical Form of Interval Matrices and Applications


S. Hema Surya, T. Nirmala and K. Ganesan

Department of Mathematics, College of Engineering and Technology,
SRM Institute of Science and Technology,


A square interval matrix over R can be converted to diagonal form if certain prerequisites are satisfied. However not all square matrices can be diagonalized. As a consequence, we strive the next simplest form to which it can be reduced while retaining important properties such as eigenvalues, rank, nullity, and so on. It turns out that any real interval matrix has a Jordan Canonical Form (JCF) over E if it has n interval eigenvalues in IR. We discuss in this paper a method for computing the Jordan canonical form of an interval matrix using a new pairing technique and a new type of interval arithmetic that will make classifying and analyzing interval matrices easier and more efficient. We conclude with a numerical example that supports the theory and application of predator-prey model.

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