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Nonlinear System of Mixed Ordered Variational Inclusions Involving XOR Operation


Iqbal Ahmad, Abdullah and Syed Shakaib Irfan

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
College of Engineering, Qassim University
Buraidah 51452, Al-Qassim,
Saudi Arabia.

Zakir Husain Delhi College,
University of Delhi,
JLN Marg, New Delhi- 110 002,

Department of Mathematics,
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh,


In this work, we introduce and solve an NSMOVI frameworks system involving XOR operation with the help of a proposed iterative algorithm in real ordered positive Hilbert spaces. We discuss the existence of a solution of a considered system of inclusions involving XOR operation by applying the resolvent operator technique with XOR operation and also study the strong convergence of the sequences generated by the considered algorithm. Further, we give a numerical example in support of our considered problem which gives the grantee that all the proposed conditions of our main result are fulfilled.

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