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A new approach to the study of fixed point for simulation functions with application in G-metric spaces


Komi Afassinou and Ojen Kumar Narain

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Zululand,
South Africa.

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science,
University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban,
South Africa.


The purpose of this work is to generalize the fixed point results of Kumar et al. [11] by introducing the concept of (α,β)-Z-contraction mapping, Suzuki generalized (α,β)-Z-contraction mapping, (α,β)-admissible mapping and triangular (α,β)-admissible mapping in the frame work of G-metric spaces. Fixed point theorems for these class of mappings are established in the frame work of a complete G-metric spaces and we establish a generalization of the fixed point result of Kumar et al. [11] and a host of others in the literature. Finally, we apply our fixed point result to solve an integral equation.

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