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Convergence Speed of Some Random Implicit-Kirk-type Iterations for Contractive-type Random Operators


H. Akewe, K.S. Eke

Department of Mathematics,
Covenant University, 
Canaanland, KM 10, Idiroko Road, P. M. B. 1023, Ota, Ogun State,


The main aim of this paper is to introduce a stochastic version of multistep type iterative scheme called a modified random implicit-Kirk multistep iterative scheme and prove strong convergence and stability results for a class of generalized contractive-type random operators. The rate of convergence of the random iterative schemes are also examined through an example. The results show that our new random implicit kirk multistep scheme perform better than other implicit iterative schemes in terms of convergence and thus have good potentials for further applications in equilibrium problems in computer science, physics and economics.

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