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Notes on Sakaguchi Functions


Shigeyoshi Owa, Tadayuki Sekine and Rikuo Yamakawa

Department of Mathematics, Kinki University,
Higashi-Osaka, Osaka 577-8502,

Office of Mathematics, College of Pharmacy, Nihon University,
7-1 Narashinodai, Funabashi-city,
Chiba, 274-8555, Japan.

Department of Mathematics, Shibaura Institute of Technology,
Minuma, Saitama-city,
Saitama 337-8570, Japan.


By using the definition for certain univalent functions f(z) in the open unit disk U given by K. Sakaguchi [2], two classes S(α) and T(α) of analytic functions in U are introduced. The object of the present paper is to discuss some properties of functions f(z) belonging to the classes S(α) and T(α).

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