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Stability Analysis Epidemic Model of SIR Type (Susceptible, Infectious, Recovered) On The Spread Dynamic of Malaria in Ambon City


Alwi Smith

Education Faculty, Biology Education Programme,
University of Pattimura,
Ir. M. Putuhena Street, Poka Ambon, Moluccas, 97233,


This research discusses the spread of malaria in Ambon city through SIR (Susceptible, Infected, Recovered) model. This research analyzes the stability of equilibrium point on deterministic model and Basic Reproduction Ratio (R0). The result shows that the epidemic model has two equilibrium points. They are disease free equilibrium, [E0=[S,I,R]=[1,0,0]], and epidemic equilibrium, Ei=[S,I,R]= [5,497808;-3,680341;-0,818288]. The Basic Reproduction Ratio of malaria disease in Ambon city is 0,181891. This result implies that malaria disease in Ambon will not be an endemic, because malaria disease in Ambon city will be eradicated slowly over time.

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