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AJMAA Institutional License


1. This agreement is between “Austral Internet Publishing” (AIP) and:                                                                                                                                                                (Name of Licensee) (hereinafter referred to as the Licensee) concerning electronic subscriptions to "The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications" (AJMAA).

2. AIP grants the Licensee a nontransferable and nonexclusive annual right and license to access, retrieve, disseminate locally, and use the electronically available versions AJMAA  articles according to the procedures, terms, and conditions described in this agreement.

3. An electronic version of AJMAA articles, consisting of all volumes published to which AIP holds the legal right to electronically disseminate them is made available to all Internet Protocol (IP) addresses within the domain of the Licensee, as described at the end of this document. All members of the Licensee’s campus or institutional community who are authorized to use the computers within this domain are deemed authorized users of the site license. The system shall not, however, be able to provide access to faculty, students, or staff of Licensee when they are using a computer that is neither within the institution’s domain nor connected to a proxy server that is within that domain.

4. AJMAA articles are formatted electronically as PDF files. Minimum software/hardware requirements for access to these PDF files are a computer with access to the World Wide Web through the network of the subscribing institution, a web browser (such as Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
AIP reserves the right to change the format in which the electronic files are made available should changes in technology make such changes useful or necessary. Every effort will be made by AIP to allow simple and convenient access by Licensee to the electronic versions of AJMAA articles at all times; but no guarantee is made or implied by this license agreement as to the form in which AJMAA files will be usable by Licensee.

5. Licensee agrees to use locally available resources first for any technical assistance required in accessing the AJMAA site. Technical assistance (limited to problems with accessing or using the Web site and not including support of hardware or software used to access the site) will be provided by AIP after local resources have been exhausted, upon receipt of a letter describing the local set-up, the problems encountered, and the remedies already attempted.

6. Provisions for sharing by Licensee of the electronic versions of AJMAA articles (or of access to the articles on AJMAA home page) with persons outside of Licensee’s campus or institution, or with other institutions affiliated with Licensee, may be negotiated between AIP and Licensee (with or without additional subscription fees being required by AIP, depending on the particular situation and the effect of the sharing on the market for AJMAA). Any such amendments will not be valid unless attached in writing to this license agreement. Barring such negotiated amendments to this agreement, any sharing or dissemination of the electronic versions of AJMAA articles between institutions is strictly prohibited. Licensees are allowed to print a local copy of any articles of AJMAA and use such printed copy for interlibrary loans.

7. Licensee will make all reasonable efforts to inform authorized users of computers within the Licensee’s domain that they may download, archive, and print AJMAA articles from the AJMAA Web site for their own noncommercial educational and research use, but may not further disseminate these articles in their electronic form without express written permission from AIP. Without such permission, access to the electronic versions of AJMAA articles absolutely must be restricted to the faculty, staff, students, and authorized on-site library users on a single university campus or other similar institution.

8. Under ordinary circumstances, should a possible breach of this agreement come to the attention of AIP, AIP will inform Licensee and provide a reasonable amount of time for investigation and, if necessary, correction of the breach. AIP shall, however, have the right immediately to suspend this license agreement, without need for provision of proof, if it determines that Licensee has committed a serious and material breach of the agreement that is likely to continue. For this purpose, each individual user will be considered a representative of Licensee in determining whether a breach of the access provisions of this license agreement has occurred. That is, AIP reserves the right to suspend the agreement whether or not the breach originates from institutional action or from the action of an individual authorized user at that institution. The right of termination under this section shall be in addition to any other right or remedy any party may have at law or in equity. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that a serious breach by Licensee of the access provisions of this agreement may cause irreparable injury to AIP and might be subject to injunctive and other equitable remedies against such breach.

9. This agreement shall enter into force on the date of the last signature by the authorized representatives of AIP and the Licensee and shall remain in effect unless terminated by either party by three months notice to the other. This agreement shall also automatically terminate if the Licensee cancels its subscription to AJMAA, with cancellation defined as failure to pay for the current year’s electronic edition of AJMAA before the due date as defined by AIP.

10.On termination of this agreement, AIP shall provide perpetual access for Licensee authorized users to all volumes of AJMAA published before the termination of this agreement (i.e., to volumes already paid for) except where such termination is due to a breach of the agreement by the Licensee which the Licensee has failed to remedy. AIP shall choose to provide this access either from the AIP web servers or by supplying the electronic files on CD-ROMs or other storage medium to the Licensee.

11. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties and revokes and supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, between them and may not be modified or amended except in a writing signed by both parties. This agreement shall take precedence over any other document that may be in conflict herewith.
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