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Volume 21

Volume 21, Issue 1, 2024

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Eigenvalue Bounds based on Projections

P. Singh, S. Singh, V. Singh


On Automorphisms and Bi-derivations of Semiprime Rings

A. Z. Ansari, F. Shujat, A. Fallatah


Boundness of the Power Exponential Function a2b +b2a

Y. Nishizawa, Y. Yasuda


Inequalities Involving A Weights by Extrapolations

Chunping Xie


Optimal Conditions using Multi-valued G-Presic type Mapping

Deb Sarkar, Ramakant Bhardwaj, Vandana Rathore, and Pulak Konar


On the Oscillatory Behavior of Self Adjoint Fractional Extensible Beam Equations

S. Priyadharshini, G.E. Chatzarakis, S. L. Panetsos and V. Sadhasivam


Mass Transportation Approach For Parabolic P-Biharmonic Equations


A. Soglo, K. W. Houedanou, J. Adetola


Generalized Triangular and Symmetric Splitting Method for Steady State Probability Vector of Stochastic Matrices

B. Harika, D. Rajaiah, L. P. RajKumar, Malla Reddy Perati


Commutator For Singular Operators On Variable Exponent Sequence Spaces And Their Corresponding Ergodic Version

A.M. Alphonse and S.S.S. Anupindi


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