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Volume 13

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2022


Art No.
Title Author (s)


Trace Inequalities for Operators in Hilbert Spaces: a Survey of Recent Results


Sever S. Dragomir


A Generalization of a Partial b-metric and Fixed Point Theorems


P. Singh and V. Singh


On Trigonometric Approximation of Continuous Functions by Deferred Matrix Means


Xh. Z. Krasniqi


Timelike Surfaces with a Common Line of Curvature in Minkowski 3-Space


M.K. Saad, A.Z. Ansari, M. Akram and F. Alharbi


Improved Oscillation Criteria of Second-Order Advanced Non-canonical Difference Equation


G.E. Chatzarakis, N. Indrajith, S.L. Panetsos, E. Thandapani


Three Inequalities Associated with Rado Inequality


Rin Miyao, Yusuke Nishizawa, Keigo Takamura


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