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ISSN 1449-5910  


Volume 13

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2020

Special Issue in the honor of the 60th anniversary of S. S. Dragomir


Art No.
Title Author (s)


Inequalities for Functions of Selfadjoint Operators on Hilbert Spaces:
a Survey of Recent Results


S. S. Dragomir


Generalised Models for Torsional Spine Reconnection


Ali Khalaf Hussain Al-Hachami


Applications of Von Neumann Algebras to Rigidity Problems of (2-Step) Riemannian (Nil-)Manifolds


A. Hasan-Zadeh and H-R. Fanai


Composite Variational-Like Inequalities Given By Weakly Relaxed ζ-Semi-Pseudomonotone Multi-Valued Mapping


S. S. Irfan, I. Ahmad, Z. Khan and P. Shukla


The Jacobson Density Theorem for Non-Commutative Ordered Banach


K. Muzundu


Analysis of a Frictional Contact Problem for Viscoelastic Piezoelectric Materials


M. Said Ameur, T. Hadj Ammar and L. Maiza


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