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ISSN 1449-5910  


Department of Mathematics,
Ferdowsi University,
Mohammad Sal Moslehian
P. O. Box 1159, Mashhad 91775,
Phone: (+98)(511)(8828606)
Fax: (+98)(511)(8828609)
Personal Website:;
  • Stability of functional equations;
  • Geometry and structure of normed linear spaces and Hilbert spaces;
  • Normed modules;
  • General theory of C*-algebras;
  • Derivations and amenability;
  • Homology of Banach algebras.
  • (MSC2000: 39B52, 39B55, 39B82, 46B20, 46C05, 46H25, 46L05, 47B47)

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