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George Isac
Royal Military College. Department of Mathematics,
P.O Box 17000, STN, Forces KINGSTON, ONTARIO K7K 7B4
Nonlinear Analysis (the fixed point theory, the study of fixed point one cones, the variational inequalities theory, and the study of positive eigenvalues for nonlinear operators).
Complementarity Theory and the study of complementarity problems. These problems represent a class of mathematical models related to the study of equilibrium in the physical sense and in the economical sense also. There exists strong relations between complementarity theory, optimization and game theory.
Pareto Optimiation. I am working in the study of Pareto efficiency in abstract spaces. The Pareto efficiency is the most important notation in the optimization of vector-values functions.
Global Optimization with respect to cones applying the conical coercivity conditions.
New topological methods in the theory of variational inequalities and complementarity theory.
The Hyers-Ulam stability of mapping. This is a new domain in nonlinear analysis.
Projected dynamical systems. I am working to introduce new topological methods in the study of critical points and the study of stability of projected dynamical systems. The projected dynamical systems have many applications in Economics.

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