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George A. Anastassiou
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis
Memphis,TN 38152,
Phone: (+1) 901-678-3144
Fax: (+1) 901-678-2480
Personal Website:
J.Communications in Applied Analysis,
Inter.J.Applied Math.,Inter.J.Diff.Eq.&Appl.,CUBO,
J.Advances in non-linear Variational Inequalities,
e-J.of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Math.,
Anals U.Oradea-Fasciola Mathematica,
Archives of Inequalities and Applications,
J.Mathematical Inequalities and Applications.
Inter.J.of Pure&Appl.Math.,
Inter.J.of Computational and Numerical Analysis with Appl. Honorary President of Soc.for study & promotion of Ancient Greek Mathematics. Honorary Editor Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Appl.

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