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On the Fekete-Szegő Inequality for Some Subclasses of Analytic Functions


T.N. Shanmugam and A. Singaravelu

Department of Mathematics,
College of Engineering,
Anna University, Chennai-600 025,
Tamilnadu, India

Department of Mathematics,
Valliammai Engineering College,
Chennai-603 203,
Tamilnadu, India


In this present investigation, the authors obtainFekete-Szegő's inequality for certain normalized analytic functions defined on the open unit disk for which lie in a region starlike with respect to 1 and symmetric with respect to the real axis. Also certain applications of the main result for a class of functions defined by convolution are given. As a special case of this result, Fekete-Szegő's inequality for a class of functions defined through fractional derivatives is also obtained.

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